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    I’m Jack Dennis and this is our Sassy Site. In a way, it’s been in the works since 1977 while the technology to do what I’m trying to do has been catching up.    

    But the technology is only one part of the change we’d like to bring about.  Sassy’s MECApps can change “why” and “how” we do things. These changes can lead to new ways a business, organization, or community can benefit us all. 

    How Sassy Business Works explains. So does our “Goals & Missions.”

    Then visit our projects and, please, give us your comments. 

    There are lots of ways for you to get involved whether you are:

  1. a parent looking for new ways to shop for things for your kids,  as well as a different way to work with our store;

  2. a child who wants to explore, and maybe to make things for our store;

  3. a senior citizen who is looking for a way to use your skills and experience, and for a better, healthier more enjoyable life; or

  4. an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for more humane, more customer friendly, more satisfying, and a completely different way to run your business.



for Families & Kids

Virtually Everything for Kids

An online children’s store where kids and their Moms and Dads do a lot more than buy things.

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for Senior Citizens

Dedicadians: the Second 60 Years

An organization to empower people age 50 to 120.  Back up to better health and a more fulfilled life.

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for Everyone

Creative Enterprises

Musicals, memoirs, books, stories, and animations for people of all ages

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