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   “Virtually Everything for Kids

We think you’ll find this the most unusual children's store you have ever visited.  It’s an experiment in “new ideas” to benefit kids and their families, as well as the friends, individuals, organizations, and professionals that serve kids’ needs.

“They all say that.  I’ve heard that one before.”

The store will start with “original animations” for children, to be consumed online. If they wish, kids can see them being created, and can learn how to make some themselves.

“That’s it?  Just animations?”

And other products.  But, day by day it will grow to bring you more and better products and services. Will it ever stop growing?  We hope not.

“Wait a second.  That’s not the way real stores are created.  Right?”

Right. We all know how real stores are made. They operate pretty much as they have since the industrial age began.   Sassy thinks it may be time for a different way, for them and for you. 

The Sassy way focuses on “more for you” — more choices, more input, new kinds of products at every step. 

Unlike “real” stores, our way doesn’t focus on making as much money as possible. 

“I don’t get it.  Why not?”

Real stores must operate that way.  It’s absolutely necessary.  That’s why they often start by hiring experts to assure them their store will be a good risk.  Then they “build the space,” fill it with products, hire clerks and/or create a web site, advertise their grand opening, and away they go!

“Sounds right to me.”

To do all this, most stores have to borrow a lot of money.  They spend it on all of these things.  Then they need more money to operate — to survive if things don’t move as quickly as they hope.  And enough to start paying back the borrowed money and the interest charged by the lenders.  That’s the way it’s done.

“So, it takes a lot of money to get started.  We all know that.”   

So businesses have to think about money most of the time.  In fact, we’re told that not borrowing enough money is the major reason more than 70% of the businesses started in 1992 were gone by 2002.  They didn’t borrow enough money.

“That’s business, I guess.”

It is.  But Sassy wonders, “What if you don’t borrow all that money?  What if you ‘grow’ a store and let it pay for itself along the way, instead?”

“Can that work?”

We think it can. “Thinking about benefits instead of profits” can give our stores, their customers, and everyone else involved, more than they could have imagined.  Even the lenders may come to appreciate that.

“That would be different.”

We think people are ready for a new way, that they’ll have the patience to give us a try. If you agree, you may find lots of unique benefits for you and your kids — products you can’t get anywhere else, fair and often surprising prices.  I know, you’ve heard that one before.

“I’ve heard that one before.”

Opportunities to help your school, library, day care, dance class, etc.  Ways to help get funds they need.

“When will that happen?”

Immediately.  From the start. As soon as they get involved.

“Tell me again why you’re not doing it the old way.”

Because Virtually Everything for Kids is an information-age store that is constantly looking for a better way of doing things — one that will give families and producers more of what they want and a lot of things they didn’t know they could get.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you might want to read our “GOALS & MISSION Statement”.



for Families & Kids

Virtually Everything for Kids

A kids 3-Part store you own.  One that is much more than a store, that will grow before your eyes.

Virtually Everything for Kids” Three Sections You’ll Love

1. Products & Services

New and original products and services from small and large producers. Also independent producers who may be home based or home bound.  Products of every kind may “come into” our store every day.

    Children’s Books and Videos.  Such as “The Boy Who Could Not Fly” a story to help abled children appreciate the life of challenged kids.  A musical version of the book was created for the Northwestern Summer Theater Festival in ’92 and a video in ’93, with a grant from the Driehaus Foundation.  READ MORE . . .

2. Online Consumables

New and original animations for children which your kids can watch for a penny-a-minute.  That penny (1-cent) makes it possible for us to keep prices on everything else reasonable and to look for ways to constantly give you “more and better” under the Sassy philosophy.  It’s the kids version of the recent strategy of ordinary people and making small, reasonable donations, that works so well.  HERE’s how it works . . .


3. Bully-ton-Board

A place for sharing and getting needed help and funds for your secular organizations such as schools, libraries, Classes for the arts or sports, etc.   HERE’s how it works . . .   

Sassy stores concentrate on  benefits not profits.  They work differently to bring you unique benefits and a wide variety of products in the Product Section of the store, while they try to solve problems of the society.  They help your school, library, day care and other child oriented organizations.

READ more . . .

You'll find more products for children and their families in the “for Families” section.  And you’ll find help for your school, library, child care and arts classes in the Bully-ton-Board Section of this Virtually Everything for Kids store.



Welcome to Your Children’s Store

Left: “Egg Art” at the Stefanski home    Middle Lower: Moon Reader Song Cycle to fund libraries     Middle Upper:  Almost half of Sassy Jack’s 13 Grandkids                             Right: Rebecca’s Quilt