“Oh, the Poor Poor”


    “Jacob's Folly” had three very exciting “work-in-progress” performances at the Maine Center for the Arts in 2002.  This Dennis & Haskell musical takes place in Dickens’ London where Scrooge and his accomplices, Skranks and Scraggs, Head Jailor for Debtor’s Prison North and Manager of London Workhouse South, “handle” creditors in default.  But mostly it takes place in an invisible, shutdown London “Purgatorium Pub” where Jacob Marley and fellow purgators bargain for their souls, and where Jacob tries to contact the absentee landlord.

    “Oh, the Poor Poor” is one of 21 songs in that original production.  A few of the songs have been eliminated and three major new ones created, including an Act I ending musical duel between Scrooge with his scoundrel Jailers and their imprisoned debtors.   

    Now “Jacob” is ready for it’s official Premier.  If you know of a theater or school that might be interested in producing or hosting this musical, they should CONTACT US.  We’ll send them a DVD of music segments from the work-in-progress and the fine tuned and rewritten show with three new songs.  For  fuller explanation CLICK HERE . . .



"The Poor Poor"