The Water Cures


This is a sampler — a minute out of Jack’s daily half-mile swim.  In the full 30-minute DVD, Jack explains how, as a non-swimmer, he started to swim to avoid surgery. Jack takes you through the entire half-mile swim, step by step.  How to be sure you are ready to swim, how to start slowly and work up to your best time, the importance of breathing and how to match it to your stroke, how to “read ceilings” if you choose to swim a backstroke like Jack does, what to do about cramps in your legs if they occur, how to keep count while still having good thinking/swimming time, and much much more. Even on how to save lots of money on the best shampoo, conditioner, and an herbal body lotion for winter swimming.

    Jack discovered a way to avoid surgery, thanks to a Dr. Fox, orthopedic surgeon for the Chicago Bears and Northwestern University football, who was willing to share this alternative with him.  Jack has used swimming ever since to fix a lot of his injuries and other physical problems.  Now he swims almost every day which has allowed him to control his blood pressure and cholesterol while refusing suggestions by physicians that he take medications for these common problems. 

    “The Water Cures” booklet, which comes with the DVD, has the stories of all these beneficial uses of water.  It tells you about people living in virtual communities and shows you step by step how you can use swimming, whether you have ever been a swimmer or not.

Read a synopsis, in the first Dedicadian-section page, of the story of how Jack first discovered “the water cures” that help him treat injuries, gain energy, and greatly improve his health. 

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