Penny Arcade Animations


Watch What a Penny Can Do

As the recent elections showed, very small donations can add up to a lot of help.  But can pennies do that?   We think they can.  And we’re hoping you’ll help us find out. 

    Our original animations can be watched for just a penny a minute, so most of them will be seen for a nickel or less.  But the pennies and nickels can really add up and make it possible for us to provide more innovation and benefits storewide, including giving you unique original stories without having to take our focus off of benefits — for you, for the animators, and for us.

    It works well for the animators, too, because they will get a slice of that penny for as long as their pieces are being viewed or sold, forever.

Pixilation & Classes:

    Other kinds of animation are clay animation and pixilation.  We’ll have pixilation classes you can see/learn which makes animation by moving objects or people and videotaping them a few frames at a time.  That can be lots of fun.  To see an example of pixilation again CLICK here . . .

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