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    Jack has been a children’s author for many years.  You may have read some of his stories, poems, and articles in the 16 volumes of Britannica’s Young Children’s Encyclopedia or the “Getting Ready to Read” pages of Compton’s Precyclopedia.  TO Read more in Jack’s History of Children’s Writing.

The Cat’s Tail Tale

    When Harriet’s Uncle Harold brought home a bobtailed cat and some “magic” Go-Bo beans from his trip to Mexico, no one suspected what that would mean.  But were the beans magic or not?  You’ll have to read the story and see for yourself.

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The Mouse in the Lemon Tree

    The old lemon tree stood crookedly a few feet above, and in the center of, the orange grove.  He had “plenty of lemons to eat and a very sour disposition.”  The mouse lives cautiously avoiding the swooping hawks and other predators with a close call here and there.  Then he gets some unusual visitors.  TO READ an excerpt . . .

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