How Sassy Works


Sassy Can Help Businesses to Thrive

    Sassy can assist companies to create and use their own MECApps to make them more successful and beneficial to their customers and clients. These apps are based on a class we taught at Columbia College in Chicago, 1995.

“Why are any of us in business?”

    Most small business owners have a passion for what they do. They start with an idea — a dream 0f giving customers or clients something special that they believe they can do uniquely and well, maybe better than anyone else.

    The reality of starting a business, however, can often cool that passion when the mechanics of starting one changes their plans in a significant way. They discover that others have interests they must consider in order to get started. Like borrowing money and paying it back.

       Those who keep statistics on this lending system tell us that 70% of all new businesses will fail in the first 10 years, and that the main reason for failure is under capitalization. They didn’t borrow enough money. That makes start-ups risky business.

    The problem with that “philosophy and system of operation” is that, even if they do not fail, businesses must be beholden, first and foremost, to these lenders.  They must be “fed” first and with interest, before any thought can be given to extra benefits for customers, staff, suppliers, or for themselves as profit.

    The bank will often “recommend” a rate of growth that is sufficient to meet these needs. They want to make sure you have enough money and they don’t want you to get behind in servicing your debt.

    Sassy has a different idea.

    The Sassy idea for borrowing was developed to allow entrepreneurs not to focus first and foremost on servicing their debt. Sassy asks, “What would happen if  you borrowed only enough money to get started? And what if you explained to potential donors/investors that the probability of an early return on their investment would be low?” 

    Without those pressures you could concentrate on those benefits for consumers and suppliers that you always believed could make your business a success.

    Sassy suggests you make small and large decisions based on benefits of every kind: for your customers,  for your product/services development, for your workers, for your suppliers, for the evolution of your company and what you are trying to accomplish, and then, finally, and most gratefully, for your investors.

    An open-loan cube app can handle the complexity of this system profitably.


    Sassy was able to get started because friends, Jim and Judy Vokac believed it was an idea for our time and gave us that “enough to get started.”

        “Who is interested in our success?”

    “Special interests” rarely have our best interests at heart. The billions of dollars they spend each year to try to influence our governments through lobbyists and donations most often work against our interests as individuals, businesses and communities. Our interests are quite ordinary yet essential: clean air and water, a pleasant, safe infrastructure, good and improving health, a healthy business community, quality education, affordable lifestyles.

    These important ordinary community interests are the responsibility of local, state, and the Federal government to create, regulate, and protect.