Goals & Mission


Sassy Goals:

To create businesses and organizations that bring more benefits, and new benefits, to customers, to those involved with the store, to other stores, and to the society;

To have these benefits and not profits be the key to every business decision, large or small;

To relegate “proper profit” to its appropriate place as the very last consideration or when survival may be a concern;

To consider the Sassy Mission Statement as a document to live by; 

To use, develop, and advance leading edge information-age technology in new ways that address societal challenges.  

Sassy Mission Statement:

Sassy will create egalitarian businesses and organizations, ones that place benefits before profits, ones that will not seek to create wealth for anyone who is willing and able to compete for it, but will create a “rich sufficiency” for everyone involved, anyone willing and able to cooperate for that, and  high value for  our customers/members. 

Sassy will use leading information-age technology in new, more beneficial ways that address societal challenges.

Sassy will be a model for, and will assist, other like-minded companies/organizations.