Creative Enterprises


Sassy’s creative enterprises include Jack’s plays, musicals, memoirs, children’s stories, books, and animations.  These special animations will be created for the Online Consumables Section of our Virtually Everything for Kids store.  They will also be available on Bully-ton-Board for raising funds for your favorite charities.

These are not your usual charities.  Sassy’s Bully-ton-boards let your library, school, or extra-curricular class keep more than the usual fair share.


Creative Enterprises


Jack in the Cracks

A memoir from Jack Dennis’ early life.  One of several that you won’t want to miss.  

When Jack daydreamed in class or when he disagreed with his teachers, his text books, or the Weekly Reader, which was often, he was punished with “ten-and-ten”  on the palms of his hands with a piece of hosepipe.

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“Jacob’s Folly”

A Dennis & Haskell musical about greed and borrowed money as Scrooge and his friends rule London.

See Jacob Marley bargain for his soul in the Purgatorium Pub. 

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Children’s Animations

Online Consumables

Original animations that your kids can watch being created and learn to make themselves.

Online Consumables is one of the three sections of our children’s store Virtually Everything for Kids.

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The Boy Who Could Not Fly

Jack’s original stories and “Animated Text Stories” for multi-aged readers with assists for the earliest readers.

Onscreen or on Kindle with options to assist the very earliest readers make the connection between story, text, and the sounds of words as well as to the illustrations of what they represent.

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Children’s Books

Learn to WRITE

WRITE your memoirs or

WRITE musicals

at Memoirs & Musicals Workshops